In 2002, as the chief executive of the U.S. Group Insurance operation of a major international company and growing it from $60M to $325M of revenue in a 5 year period, Bill and his wife Nancy faced a major decision. They could either move back north and continue Bill’s career in Corporate America or stay warm in Atlanta during the winter; play golf, train for triathlons and start a new business venture. So that year, Renaissance Executive Forums (REF) was born in Atlanta. A nice little company with no clients or revenue. Not exactly a smooth transition from a steady salary and attractive, performance bonuses.

The company started out bringing together groups of 8 – 12, successful, chief executives and business owners into one of (eventually) 5 separate Executive Forums. These leaders provided each other with unbiased advice whenever they faced an important decision, they shared best practices and they received continuous professional development in topics of significance to chief executives. Shortly thereafter, REF developed a substantial chief executive coaching practice.

In 2004, a new need was presented to Bill from his clients and, as a result, REF started helping these chief executives through the development of a series of programs to benchmark their leadership teams and help those leadership teams move to the next level. One major need of these executive teams was to help transition their company from a culture of effort to a culture of performance.

In 2006, the next addition to REF occurred when a group of CEOs in one of his Executive Forum groups asked Bill to put together an Executive Forum group comprised of their top senior executives.

Growth happened rapidly and the company developed a clientele of 87 chief executive clients throughout North and South America. The company is extremely proud that, during a 12 month period, in the middle of the recession, they retained 100% of their clients and grew their client base by 17%…all through referrals.

The next milestone occurred, in 2010, when Dennis Daniels joined REF in Atlanta and Bill started two, additional, companies: PEAK Executive and PEAK CEO (PEAK).

PEAK was another initiative spawned through the encouragement of REF’s chief executive clients who wanted to learn Bill’s process of living to their PEAK potential personally and professionally NOW.

We have developed a series of core programs that are customized, after interviewing you, to suit your needs.

It’s been a fun and extremely fulfilling ride. We’d love to talk with you to see if “what we do is a good fit for you”.

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